Climibing / Tennis / Course Enrollment
1. Where can I hand in the enrollment form to register KPCC programme?
Both YMCA in Tsim Sha Tsui or KPCC will collect the enrollment form for either TST programme or KPCC programme. Since KPCC can¡¦t settle your payment at once, credit card is not available in person, a credit card authorization form is provided for the paper transaction. Cash and Cheque are preferred to hand in at KPCC.
2. What is the cheque payable I should write down for enrollment?
YMCA of Hong Kong.
3. If I enrolled the course and it is cancelled, how can I get back the enrollment fee?
YMCA of Hong Kong reserves the right to cancel course/activity due to insufficient enrollment. All efforts will be made to place participants in a similar course. If none is available, fees paid will be refunded by cheque and post, or via credit card account within 4 to 6 working weeks.
4. Where can I see the latest information of KPCC programme?
The latest leaflet will issue at Tsim Sha Tsui YMCA Member Service Counter and KPCC Service Counter. Also, you can browse this website to get more information.
5. Can I change to the other courses when I am not available to the time slot?
Yes, members should be aware of the time slots of different classes to avoid conflicting time schedule when enrolling. Please choose the most appropriate course/activity time and date carefully.
Personal request of course/activity transfer or withdrawal must be submitted to Member Services Section 14 days prior to the commencement of course/activity. An administration fee of HK$150 will be charged for each successful course/activity transfer or withdrawal.

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