Rules and Regulations

The following Rules & Regulations govern the use of KPCC:
We kindly request that all users are familiar with, and abide by them.

1. Private teaching/instruction is NOT permitted without the consent of an authorised YMCA staff member.

All equipment that belongs to KPCC must be used with great care.
All rental items are non-transferable.
Replacement will be charges for any damaged item.

3. All KPCC equipment must be returned before the facility closes.
An additional charge will be applied to delayed returns.
4. Photography/video taking is NOT permitted without the consent of KPCC.
5. Eating and drinking is not permitted in the climbing wall safety mat area,
or inside the inline skating ring.

Smoking, spitting, alcoholic drinking and screaming is not allowed.

7. Please use lockers to store personal items.
The KPCC is not responsible for the loss of property.
8. Proper attire and behavior is mandatory at all times.
9. Skating is not permitted outside the inline hockey rink.

KPCC reserves the right to suspend, or remove from the premises,
members or guests who violate the guidelines and regulations set forth
by the YMCA of Hong Kong.

11. Compensation will be sought from malicious damage to any part of the Center,
and may be subject to legal actions.

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